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First things first – “US” includes ME & my BLOG…

About MechStuff :-

MechStuff is a blog for physics lovers, curious & passionate mechanical engineers who constantly think & ask – “what is that”, “why is it that way” & “how does it work” !

Q: What would you find here ?

About author/me :-

Yooo, how you doin’? I’m Jay Baviskar and I’m the author & owner of the blog you’re currently reading ! 😀

So me, huh ? Well, to say in one line, I’m an inquisitive, dim witted, smart person whose laugh at times is funnier than his jokes ! Well here’s an old picture of mine.

About us, picture of jay
Me, Jay.

You see, I was a mechanical engineer before even coming into this world :B 😛

Jokes apart, I have completed my graduation from Mumbai University in 2018.

My favorite machines/devices –

Tesla Roadster 2, Lockheed Martin SR71 Blackbird, CVT, V22 Osprey, Antikythera mechanism, C-D Nozzle, Aerofoil, Enigma

My interests –

Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Aeronautics, Puzzle games, Philosophy, Cryptography, Airplanes, Psychology, Game theory & MUSIC !

My favorite movies –

1. Wall-E
2. The Prestige
3. The Godfather triology
4. Interstellar
5. The Imitation game
6. The Machinist
7. Schindler’s List
8. The Batman triology
9. The Shawshank Redemption
Here’s a list of top movies for mechanical engineers !

Favorite games 😁 –

2. NFS Hot Pursuit 2010
3. NFS Most Wanted 2005
4. The Room series
5. Cogs
Here’s a list of top recommended games for mechanical engineers !

Favorite song changes from time to time. But there are some songs/music which are a part of you, which describes you, your story and dreams. Here are mine-

1. Skylar Grey – Invisible
2. Eminem – Spacebound
3. Dmitri Shostakovich – Waltz No. 2 (I get an EARGASM everytime I listen to this)
4. Schubert – Serenade
5. Sammy Davis Jr. – Gotta be me
6. Queen – I want to break free

Let me tell you that I’m very glad & thankful to you if you’ve read this section because that means you really like my blog & me and not just temporary information which I provide you in my articles. Thank you again ! It’s because of people like you that have helped me grow my blog so greatly ! 🙂

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