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First things first – “US” includes ME & my BLOG…

About MechStuff :-

Yelloooo…. friends, MechStuff is a blog for people who have passion for learning mechanics, mechanical principles, mechanisms, science & working of some extraordinary machines or their parts which revolutionized the world, news & details related to AUTOMOTIVE & AVIATION world, some Mech-Tech gadgets, information & related development of robotics, & tutorials on robotics. It was founded on July 8 2015 by Jay Baviskar.


About author :-

Jay Baviskar 🙂

I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University. I like explaining things to people who are interested & this is the reason why started this blog. I am highly interested in robotics, each & every machine on Earth, their mechanisms. Each & every time, adrenaline rushes through my body whenever I hear the sound of train engines, super sport cars, missiles, jet engines,etc. & I get really excited. Also, I like programming, Science & History related movies, EDM, classical music, playing puzzle games, MBTI & Cryptography !!! In short, –

I am a CRAZY one ! 🙂


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