Gibbs Quadski – An amphibious quad bike/ATV !

It always seems impossible until it’s done !

– Nelson Mandela

A couple of hundred years back, it was quite impossible even to think or imagine that we could talk to each other standing in any two corners of the world, could step on moon, could make a thing which would fly like a bird or make a car which would transport  & could be efficient hundred times the human labour. But it all happened ! After making a car it was hard to believe that we could even make a vehicle which would be driven on water… All right, brace yourselves, the future is here – Gibbs Quadski !

Quadski :-

The Gibbs Quadski (video below) is one of the most advanced and efficient amphibious quadbike/ATV (All terrain vehicle) i.e which could be driven on land as well as on water !

The Quadski uses Gibbs’ High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology, which includes more than 300 patents and patents pending worldwide.
When entering the water, by pressing a button the driver can retract the wheels into the wheel wells within the vehicle’s body and detach them from the drive train. It can transition between land and water in about 5 seconds(pretty impressive 😉 ).

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On water, the Quadski draws water before directing it through the engine driven impeller(kind of propeller), which with the nozzle propel the Quadski at high speed.

The Quadski allows for over 2 hours travel time on the water. Its range on land is up to around 600 kilometres (370 mi).

Gibbs Quadski was launched in October 2012 by Gibbs Sports Ambhibians. It went on sale in January 2013 in Florida and is now available in selected regions of the United States with a starting price of about $40,000 (you have to spend some real sh*t ? ).

Specifications :-

Land speed :-                    Upto 45 mph (72kmph) 
Brakes(on land) :-           4 wheel disc brakes
Water speed :-                  45 mph (72kmph) 
Propulsion system :-      Gibbs jet drive with reverse


Total width :-                     62.5 in / 1.587 m
Total length :-                    128.3 in / 3.260 m
Total height :-                    53.5 in / 1.359 m
Ground clearance :-        8.9 in / 0.225 m
Weight :-                             1,333 lbs / 605 kg !

Engine :- 

Type :-                                    BMW K1300cc water-cooled 4-stroke in-line
                                                 four-cylinder engine.
Maximum power :-              105 kW / 140hp water
Displacement:-                     1293 cc
Bore & Stroke:-                     80.0 mm x 64.3 mm (bore means the diameter of cylinder & stroke is the                                                                                                                         stroke length)
Power:-                                  140 hp (105 kW)
Torque:-                                  87 ft-lbs (118 Nm)

For more information about specs & safety information & other models, visit Gibbs Sports Ambhibians !

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