MotoArt – Company which makes furniture from retired airplanes !

Just leave everything aside & have a look at these sophisticated & elegant furniture made by a Calfornian company named – MotoArt, which takes furniture to a whole new level of innovation. MotoArt is a company which makes furniture by recycling old parts of military & commercial airplanes. All our home furniture are ordinarily made up of wood, glass or plastic & you can buy them by getting huge discounts through Pepperfry Coupons unlike these amazing stuff… because great things come at a great price !

About MotoArt :-

MotoArt was founded by Donovan Fell & Dave Hall in 2001. When Donovan Fell saw some old dented B-17 propellers in the back of metal scrap pile, he came up with an idea.  He gave it some time polishing and degreasing it & made a splendid sculpture. Later on he came to know a place where the old & retired airplanes are sent to.
Separating the parts by cutting them they started making cutting edge furniture. Eventually, making high end furniture became their hobby & they made a team as intense labor was needed for separating the parts. Thus evolved the company MotoArt & now as the most recognizable company for making hand crafted high quality corporate and high end furniture from vintage airplane parts.

Their furniture include beds, tables, conference tables, cowling desks, coffee tables, credenzas, couches, chairs, sculptures & my God what not ! If you want to buy furniture from other websites apart from MotoArt’s, you can get great coupons at

Lets take a look at them, they are definitely attention grabbers !


Conference table made from the turbofan jet engine of a 747 jumbojet ! Credits:- MotoArt


A conference table made from the flaps of B-52 bomber ! ©MotoArt

cowling reception desk

A reception desk made from the cowling of aircraft engine ! ©MotoArt


A reception desk made from fuselage of an airplane ! ©MotoArt


Bed made by cutting the cowling of a Boeing 747 ! ©MotoArt

DC-9-airplane desk

A small desk cut from DC-9 aircraft ! ©MotoArt


DeskWatch or a clock made from a piston of a radial engine. They are machined at 60 degrees for easy reading ! ©MotoArt


Donovan Fell and Dave Hall presenting the large propeller sculptures ! ©MotoArt

We have over 100 designs and have produced thousands of pieces that you find nearly in all parts of the world, from the Dubai Burj, to the Sears Tower, and even as far away as the North Pole.

says Dave Hall, the founder & the managing partner of MotoArt.

This proves that there isn’t a shortage of aviation enthusiast in the world 🙂 .
Very few are lucky enough to make & work in the field of airplanes or even to relate their name with the modern aviation world(it would be a honour, seriously).

I wonder whether the top Aerospace Companies like Boeing, Airbus Lockheed Martin & many others be using the Cowling reception desk or the long wing/flap conference tables during their meetings & conferences.
I wish I could own at least one of those… Damn, my poor ass 🙁 !

Well, my favorite one is the DeskClock?… which one did you like the most ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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