NASA’s raging RS-25 engine passes it’s sixth test!

NASA has performed a nearly 9 minute long test of the engine called RS-25 which will be used for next generation mega-rockets which will take the astronauts to Mars & other deep space missions.

The agency successfully tested an RS-25 engine at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. A total of four RS-25 engines will be used to power the SLS rocket (Space Launch System).

The engine was tested for 535 seconds, which is the same amount of time the engines will fire uring actual SLS launch.

The test was the sixth of seven planned hot-fire trials for the RS-25, which also served as the main engine for NASA’s now-retired space shuttle fleet, ‘’ reported. The seven-test series is “designed to put the upgraded former space shuttle main engines through the rigorous temperature and pressure conditions they will experience during a launch,” NASA officials said.

“The tests also support the development of a new controller, or ‘brain,’for the engine, which monitors engine status and communicates between the vehicle and the engine, relaying commands to the engine and transmitting data back to the vehicle,”
the officials added.

Watch the miraculous masterpiece of mechanical, thermal & cryogenic engineering in action !
The raging RS-25 – (must watch; feel the power)

Yea NASA, Yeah SCIENCE !!!



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