6 Important tips for your DIY projects

May 27, 2019

Designing your own furniture, repairing broken items & your own vehicles is a fun way to spend your evenings and weekends. Doing little home projects by yourself will give you great satisfaction when you see the final product. DIY projects have many benefits, such as saving on costs, building your skill set, and spending time doing something productive. You will not need to hire repair services when something is broken in your home or buy high priced items like furniture because you will already know to do the tasks! Such skills can take time to perfect, so you should not get discouraged when your result is not as planned. Also, there are some things you need to know and tips for your DIY projects –

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How multi plate clutch work? | Application & diagram

May 21, 2019

In my previous article, we learned about Single plate clutches, their working and applications.
Multi plate clutches are the most widely used amongst all the other clutches. And so today we will learn how multi plate clutch work, their advantages, disadvantages and their applications.

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5 effects of overloading your vehicle

May 9, 2019

In this article, we will be talking in reference to vehicles and their sagging issues. Although, I guess even human beings can use a little support for their rears as well. But, I digress. Vehicles especially campers, trucks, and trailers can all be ruined due to overloading your vehicle in the back. This is something that any owner of a vehicle must be aware of when deciding to haul something that exceeds the weight limits, be it passengers 😛

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Types of Clutches | Animations & Diagrams

April 27, 2019
Diagrams of types of clutches

No more boring introductions today; I’ll just give you an idea about clutches & then directly straight to the topic – Types of clutches !

What are Clutches ?

Just for them who don’t have much of an idea, Clutch is an engaging & disengaging mechanical device which helps in transmitting torque/power produced by the engine.
They are used in every goddamn car, bike, trucks, locomotive engines & innumerous other vehicles & machines !

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What is brake horsepower? | BHP vs HP

April 13, 2019
Dynamometer used for measuring brake horsepower

When buying a car, there are lots of things that customers look at. The most important one being the engine power. That’s why some of the most common terms in car sales adverts are related to the engine. Some of them include brake horsepower(bhp), torque, cc, and horsepower(hp). For a car salesperson, understanding these terms is critical. But it’s not just car salespeople that need to understand these terms, even those in the car leasing business need to understand them. As a car salesperson or a leasing company, the last thing you want is for a customer to ask you a technical question, and you have no idea how to answer them. As such, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the most common terms in cars. One of the most common ones is the brake horsepower. So what does brake horsepower even mean and whats the difference between hp and bhp?

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5 DIY Tips to help maintain your car

April 6, 2019
5 DIY Tips to help maintain your car

Your car requires proper handling and regular maintenance to function optimally. You can enjoy safe, smooth rides when you frequently service your vehicle to avoid any flaws. Without scheduled maintenance, it is going to breakdown and inconvenience. However, maintaining and repairing an automobile can be quite expensive. Maybe DIY can help if done correctly to ensure your car gives you topnotch performance. Below are the 5 DIY tips to help maintain your car without necessarily visiting a mechanic.

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3 most important parts in your car to look after

March 26, 2019
important parts in your car to look after

Obviously, you need to have all the parts of your car if it is to work properly, but the truth is that some of them are more important than others. Without certain parts in working order, you are not going to be able to drive it at all and their damage might cause further damage to other parts of the vehicle in turn. If nothing else, this can prove to quickly be expensive, so it is with good reason that you should try to keep these parts of the car in working order as best as you can.

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