5 Tips for buying a new car

December 22, 2018
tips for buying a new car

Buying a new car is an exciting and appealing experience especially if it looks great and it’s fun to drive. Meanwhile, it can be overwhelming and expensive. Purchasing a new car is associated with many costs including determining if the vehicle is safe to drive, and to insure. The higher the value of a car, the higher the insurance costs. Unfortunately, if you are unfamiliar with cars, it is essential you find Car product reviews and guides on the internet. Here are five tips to consider before buying a new car.

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Types of Gearbox used in automobiles

December 14, 2018

In one of my previous articles, we learned what are gearboxes, their main parts, why do we need them and their working in detail. So today, you will be learning what are the types of gearbox and what are the differences between them and in which vehicles they are used.

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Things you need to consider before you buy a SUV or MUV

November 28, 2018
SUV or MUV ,which one you should buy?

Big, huge cars huh? Who doesn’t like them. I mean I absolutely love them!
Whether you are a family man who wants to take his family on a road trip OR a guy who has many friends and wants to go on an adventure, big cars are always good! You can always haul your people and luggage, camping stuff etc. So yes, we are talking about SUVs and MUVs today. Here are the things which you should consider before buying SUV or MUV and which one you should go for!

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4 Tips for Choosing the Cargo Box for your Car

November 4, 2018
car roof cargo box

Your vehicle is only as good as it serves your needs. If you are outdoorsy and travel a lot, you have to change a number of things in your car to make it adaptable to your needs. One handy addition to your car is the cargo box. It has a plethora of uses, such as helping you store additional gear and protecting your equipment from rain, snow, flying stones, and thefts. Similar to all additions to your car, you need to be savvy when making your purchases, lest you live to regret them.  A few pointers to landing a cargo box for your car are – more “4 Tips for Choosing the Cargo Box for your Car”

What is Gearbox? Main components of Gearbox explained

October 24, 2018
working of manual gear or manual transmission

If you are an auto enthusiast or a mechanical engineer, you probably know what gearboxes or transmission systems are and how immensely complex they are !
Today in this article lets know about them in depth. What is gearbox? what are the main components of gearbox? Why do we need them? EVERYTHING. more “What is Gearbox? Main components of Gearbox explained”

4 Gadgets You Should Have In Your Home

October 6, 2018
top gadgets you should have in your home to make it smart and your life easy

Gadgets have helped to make work easy for us in our modern world. Life and work get easier each time we are treated to some new and advanced gadgets ranging from office gadgets, house gadgets, and car gadgets among others. Without these gadgets then certain things will not be possible. Within our home, we need these gadgets whether it is for entertainment purposes, cleaning purposes, or security purposes among others.
Below are some four essential gadgets you should have in your home. more “4 Gadgets You Should Have In Your Home”

Top 3 ways to use an air compressor in your garage

September 27, 2018
top 3 ways to use an air compressor in your daily life

Most people operate from their garage since it can be the best home to essential DIY tools. As this workspace is critical for you and your family, you will require this one tool- an air compressor.

The thing is, it makes work more comfortable when performing most tasks that involve air. more “Top 3 ways to use an air compressor in your garage”