Kurin Systems set to launch world’s first portable air purifier – Atom

February 3, 2017

Most countries in the world are severely hit by air pollution, the air quality has surpassed living standards. India especially is getting severely affected by air pollution. Believe me or not, 13 of the top most polluted cities in the world are in India. Most metropolitans have air quality that pose a serious risk to not only the children and elderly but now everyone is affected as bad. Nearly 40% of all children have lung disorders due to the air quality (WHO).

Currently, the masks available in the market are not effective in protecting from the PM 2.5 particle(Particulate Matter 2.5 micron or less in width which is 4o times thinner than thickness of average human hair).
A Delhi based company called Kurin Systems has made world’s first portable air purifier which could also eradicate PM 2.5 particles.

About Kurin Systems :-

Kurin Systems has tied up with the world leader in manufacturing Foxconn Technology Group to come out with their exclusive range of state-of-the-art Air Purifiers.
Currently on a B2B platform Kurin Systems boasts of many prestigious clients consisting of many consulates and embassies, hotels, hospitals, industries and most of the law offices in India.
Kurin Systems was solely created to target the Indian air conditions and strategically eliminate the high level of pollution that we face today.

The company offers a range of air purifiers of various sizes & capacity for cars, offices & living rooms too. The company is going to launch a portable air purifier called Kurin ATOM on 3rd February 2017.
With this device, Kurin looks to tackle the greatest threat of outside Air Pollution which has no clear remedy in sight.

Kurin Atom :-

Let’s know what makes Atom different from all other purifiers…

  • Kurin Atom is a purifier that can be carried along anywhere. It is as big as your mobile phone with a height of just 5 inches & as light.

  • Atom is a two in one device which can be attached to a mask through a cord or be used stand-alone.

  • It comes with a 2200mAh battery and on a single 45min charge it lasts up to 8 hours.

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Above all, Atom has been thoroughly tested as a car purifier and is the perfect solution to eradicating all Particulate Matter as well as cigarette smoke and odour.

Also as mentioned earlier, PM 2.5 particles can only be eradicated using a HEPA filter as they’ve used in Atom along with Pre-Filter as well as the Activated Carbon Filter to provide the optimum level of purification.

This device is the answer to the question that no matter how clean the indoor air might get, when we get out, we will have to suffer.

says Kurin Systems.

Currently, the product is for sale only on their website – Kurin Systems, you can buy it from there !

Control LEDs with your Android | Arduino-Bluetooth module tutorial

January 27, 2017
Control led or any other stuff with android

You already know what we are gonna do today…so lets get started !

Things you’ll need :-

  • Arduino board
  • Breadboard
  • Bluetooth module/sensor – HC05
  • Couple of jumpers/single stranded wires
  • LEDs
  • An ANDROID(obviously 😛 )

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Airplane lights | Why do airplanes have red & green lights at wing ends ?

January 13, 2017
Why green & red lights on wing ends ? Airplane lights

We all do know what headlights & side lights/indicators are for on our motorbikes and cars but what are those blinking lights on an aeroplane ? Why do we need them & other airplane lights ?

Long time ago, I had this question that why aircrafts have flashing lights on them & especially green & red lights on each of the ends of wings ! Ever noticed ? What are those lights ? What are they for ? So here they are & their reasons ! more “Airplane lights | Why do airplanes have red & green lights at wing ends ?”

Nat Geo’s new series – MARS, combines sci-fi drama & documentary

November 11, 2016
Some of the crew exploring Mars. The global event series MARS premieres on the National Geographic Channel in November 2016. (photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Robert Viglasky)

When the first humans set foot on Mars, the moment will be more significant in terms of technology, philosophy, history and exploration than any that have come before it, all because we will no longer be a one-planet species !

 – Stephen Petranek, author of “How We’ll Live on Mars” more “Nat Geo’s new series – MARS, combines sci-fi drama & documentary”

How to control LEDs with TV remote – Arduino

August 23, 2016
Control LED with IR remote

Today I’m going to show you how to control any device with an Infrared remote(TV,DVD,AC etc.) and with the help of Arduino board. So lets get started.

Things you’ll need :-

  • Infrared receiver (I’m using one from the TSOP 17** series)
  • Arduino board.
  • Breadboard.
  • Couple of jumpers/single stranded wires.
  • A LED Any remote(AC, TV, DVD player).

Connections :-

Connections of Infrared receiver with Arduino
Connections of Infrared receiver with Arduino

Of Infrared reciever-
Pin 1 –                           GND (Ground pin of Arduino).
Pin 2/Middle pin –     VCC (5v supply of Arduino).
Pin 3 –                           Data pin (pin number 3 on Arduino).

Note :- The pin no. 3 is a bit separated from the other two ! Don’t misunderstand between pin1 & pin3 !

Procedure :-

  1. First things first, make the connections.
  2. Now to turn ON/OFF any LED with the help of any remote we must know the value/code of the button through which we are going to change the state !
  3. Download the IRemote library online from this link. Copy & paste the code I’ve provided. Upload it.
  4. After uploading, click on the Serial Moniter option in the top right corner of Arduino window.
    Press the buttons you wish to control your LED with. Note down the values which appear in the Serial monitor window.
  5. Making changes in your code by replacing YOUR values with “YOUR VALUE 1” & “YOUR VALUE 2” in the code.
    Again upload the code & test it out !

Code :-

Here’s a video tutorial which will definitely make things easier for you 😉

Please comment below if you face any difficulties. I’d love to solve them 🙂 .

Why do some roads have Yellow markings while others have White ?

August 5, 2016

In India, nobody gives a damn about traffic rules ! I mean our knowledge is limited to road signboards(few 😛 ) & those traffic lights & this is the reason why there is a growth in number of road accidents. So lets just know more about traffic & road rules which might make our journey safe & sound !

White solid lines :-

Solid white lines indicate that you must not cross these lines to overtake or make a U-turn & stay in the lane you are already on.

source:- scoopwhoop.com
source:- scoopwhoop.com

Broken White line :-

Broken white lines indicate that you may change the lane to overtake a vehicle with proper caution & indicating through proper signals.

source- total911.com
source- total911.com

One solid yellow line :-

This line indicates that you cannot cross the line but can overtake.

source- www.allindiaroundup.com
source- www.allindiaroundup.com


Broken Yellow line :-

Passing is allowed but with caution.

souce- sabre-roads.org.uk

Double solid yellow lines :-

You can’t cross these lines unless you have to avoid obstructions(a fallen tree, a crashed vehicle etc.)

source:- www.architectureandcivilengineering.com
source:- www.architectureandcivilengineering.com


So next time if someone overtakes you by crossing a white continuous line you might wanna gun your engine & say him –

” You cannot overtake a vehicle by crossing a white solid line… *pause* B**ch ! 😛


Autopilots | How do they work ?

July 22, 2016

8 out of 10 people still think that Autopilots are a computer system which are capable of driving the vehicles on their own ! Well that is completely wrong ! Rather than just correcting them, let us all know what is actually are autopilot system & everything else related to it ! more “Autopilots | How do they work ?”