Robowar- U.S.A vs JAPAN

”Suidobashi, you have a giant robot, we have a giant robot. You know what needs to happen”

says MegaBots – U.S.-based robotics company!
MegaBots issued the challenge last month after giving a final touch to its Mark 2- America’s first fully-functional, giant piloted robot. Mark 2 weighs 6 tons & can be controlled by 2 pilots, shoots 1.5 kilo paint cannonballs at the speed of over 160 km/hr.

USA's Mark 2 (left one) & the Japan's Kuratas(right one) !

USA’s Mark 2 (left one) & the Japan’s Kuratas(right one) !

The co-founders Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti, challenges the only other company in the world Suidobashi Heavy Industry.
Suidobashi have created the giant – Kuratas, a single pilot robot which is already available commercially.

Challenge Accepted… :-

Suidobashi CEO Kogoro Kurata, responded after a week saying,

“I’ll fight. Absolutely.”

The Kuratas – named after its designer, was launched in 2012. It weighs 4.5 tons, 25% less than the Mark 2, featuring Gatling guns controlled with an advanced targeting system & heads up display(HUD).

Both the companies have one year to do the necessary preparations & modifications to win this epic robowar while no venue or date for this has been fixed.

All the sci-fi fans are eagerly waiting for this to happen; especially me 😉

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