Nat Geo’s new series – MARS, combines sci-fi drama & documentary

Some of the crew exploring Mars. The global event series MARS premieres on the National Geographic Channel in November 2016. (photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Robert Viglasky)

When the first humans set foot on Mars, the moment will be more significant in terms of technology, philosophy, history and exploration than any that have come before it, all because we will no longer be a one-planet species !  – Stephen Petranek, author of “How We’ll Live on Mars”…


NASA’s next Mars rover mission – 2020

After an overwhelming success of Mars rover mission 2012, NASA’s next nuclear powered Mars rover is planned to launch in 2020. Scientists say that – it is gonna be way more smarter & efficient than Curiosity, which is currently exploring the red planet. Curiosity had an awesome design, heck lot…