CARS24 creates an efficient & reliable way for car owners to sell their used cars at best price !

Today, selling & buying used cars is multi billion dollar business industry ! A new competitor has entered into this industry & is redefining the way cars are being sold & bought in India. The competitor – CARS24 ensures car owners a simple and reliable way of selling their cars at the best price.

About Cars24 :-

The CEO & COO of CARS24

The CEO & COO of CARS24

Founded by Mr Vikram Chopra and Mr Mehul Agrawal in 2015, today, CARS24 has 52 branches across 11 cities in India with bench strength of more than 600 employees. CARS24 has since auctioned 1 lakh plus cars through its network, spanning across thousands of authorized buyers in India.

Why CARS24 ?

Typically, it takes a car owner around 30-50 attempts to sell his/her car. The process involves listing the car on various websites, taking numerous calls, meeting multiple buyers, facing last-minute buyer back offs, delayed payments and an endless wait for the ownership transfer. Even after all this, there is no guarantee that one will get a fair price for his/her car.

CARS24 brings to the table an efficient and safe way for car owners to sell their cars at the best price. All one has to do is – book an appointment with any of the CARS24 branches, get the best price for the car through scientific inspection and live online auction, in which thousands of authorized buyers participate to buy the car. Moreover, CARS24 also offers instant payment & free RC transfer once the owner sells his/her car. CARS24 buys cars directly from the owners in just one visit and is steadily revolutionizing the way used cars are sold in India.

How technology drives CARS24 ?

The online quote generated by CARS24 when an interested car owner registers for an inspection is determined through an in-house algorithm based on CARS24’s extensive transaction history, Through this it is able to predict the most accurate market value of any given car.

Scientific inspection :-

The whole inspection is conducted by highly experienced evaluators selected after extensive in-house training. Some of scientific devices used are:

  1. Paint Spectrometer :- The device analyses the paint of the car & determines whether the car needs a fresh paint or not & whether the car is repainted or not. This is important since it affects the aesthetics of the car & indirectly the price.
  2. Tire tread gauge :- The device measures the thickness of the tire treads of the car & determines whether the vehicle needs to replace the tires or not. We certainly cannot ignore this since it may lead to lose the traction & cause an accident.
  3. OBD device :- The On-Board Diagnostics plugin device generates highly technical objective reports. The report generated is a sort of kundali of the car. The reports tells us whether the vehicle is consuming more fuel than usual, whether the camshaft & crankshaft sensors, knocking sensor & dozens of other sensors are working properly, whether the engine overheats, whether the odometer is tampered & other tons of useful information ! This information is then uploaded to their app.

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Along with this, evaluators also check whether the seals of the car doors & pillars OR any part of car such as doors, framework near engine are changed !

INSPECTION APP : – Used by their in-house car experts to upload scientific inspection reports of each car that rolls into CARS24 for an inspection.

AUTHORIZED BUYERS APP : – Used by each authorized buyer to participate in the live-online auction and avail various support services offered by CARS24.

Live Online Auction :- 

Authorized Buyer App of CARS24

a) In-house developed app, used by thousands of authorized buyers to get real-time access to the cars with the detailed scientific inspection report and refurbishment costs for each vehicle.

b) Thousands of buyers constantly bid on cars, irrespective of the location, on the basis of the inspection report. This ensures a car owner always gets the best price for his/ her car via the market competition.

c) The authorized buyers get access to thousands of cars and can submit offers sitting in the convenience of their homes / offices.

d) The added convenience of payment wallet, home delivery of cars, car tracking system and financing options make the buying process easy and seamless for an authorized buyer.




Even after selling the car, getting complete payment and ensuring RC transfer are major pain points for every seller out there. Hence CARS24 offer instant payment and free RC transfer once the car is sold.

CARS24 has simplified the process of used car transactions in an industry that is witnessing a steady growth of 15% each year. CARS24 believes, with its USPs – Best Price Guarantee, Instant Payment and Free RC transfer – it is poised to grow considerably, as it sets to expand its operations across India.

If you want to book an appointment, visit their website !

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