Projects for Mechanical engineering students | Final year

Finalising your topic of the final year project/thesis is daunting and at times a complicated task for students. Yes, my dear friend, I know, I’ve been there. And this is why I decided to share all the projects for mechanical engineering students I have come across.

Some people are out of good project ideas and some have ideas but are still confused about which to select. There are so many projects to choose from – Fabrication projects, CAD design projects, Thermal Analysis projects, CFD analysis projects, Mechatronics projects, Automobile projects, Agriculture engineering projects and the list goes on. You have come here for project ideas and let me tell you – you have come to the perfect place!

So today here, I am going to help YOU and my fellow mechanical engineers help them select their projects by giving you ideas and an extensive list of projects!

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List of projects for Mechanical engineering students

  1. Solar Grain Separator
  2. Automatic Tire inflator
  3. Rice Transplanter
  4. Compressed Air Engine
  5. Land Slide Detection
  6. Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Gear Shifting
  7. Maxwell Bridge
  8. Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  9. Aqua Silencer
  10. VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) Compression Between 3 Types Of Blades)
  11. Fatigue Testing Machine Horizontal Type
  12. SkySaver Emergency Rescue kit
  13. Artificial Oxygen Tree
  14. Automatic Medicine Vending Machine
  15. Magnetic Coupling For Contactless Power Transmission System
  16. VTOL Aircraft
  17. Agricultural Survey Aircraft
  18. Bladeless Vortex Turbine Power Generation
  19. Test Rig For VCR (Vapour Compression Refrigeration )System With Heat Exchanger For Improving Efficiency
  20. Urea Fertilizer Separator
  21. Brick Making Machine For Recycling Plant Waste
  22. Improving Efficiency For Two Wheeler Engine Using EGR System
  23. Magnetic Gearing System
  24. Table Top 3 Axis CNC Machine
  25. Intelligent Braking System
  26. Macanum Wheel Bot with Robotic Arm
  27. Power Generation Using Gravity
  28. Mini Aqua Silencer
  29. Aqua Silencer Diesel Generator Version
  30. Exhaust Heat Utilization Using Turbo Charger
  31. Floor Clinging Vacuuming Mapping Drying
  32. Portable RO Purifier
  33. Solenoid Engine
  34. Contactless Eddy Braking System
  35. Design & Fabrication Of Intelligent Vehicle Safety System To Avoid Accident
  36. Cow Dung Cake Making Machine
  37. Stir Casting Ingots
  38. Heating & Ventilation
  39. Design & Fabrication of Vermicomposter machine
  40. Solar Powered Grain Separator
  41. Pedal Operated RO Purifier
  42. Spot Welder in Grabber
  43. Spot Welder With Adjustment
  44. Solar Water Heater Combed
  45. Airbag for 2-wheeler
  46. Solar Air-Cooler & Heater
  47. Multi-Nozzle Spray Pump
  48. Design & Fabrication of mini Lathe Machine
  49. Automated Double Hacksaw Project
  50. 360 Degree Flexible Drill Machine
  51. Automatic paper Cutting Machine using Geneva Mechanism
  52. E-Skateboard with Pressure sensing
  53. Design & Fabrication of Mechanical Footstep Power Generator
  54. Two Wheel Drive industrial Forklift project
  55. RF Controlled Beach Cleaner Robotic Vehicle
  56. Pneumatic powered wall climbing robot
  57. Free energy Mechanism
  58. Multi Operational Machine
  59. Bullock Cart Mechanism(Bullock Cart-Prototype Mobil)
  60. Hydraulic ram pump
  61. Box transport mechanism
  62. Frictionless braking system
  63. Automated Car parking system
  64. Sheet metal rolling mill
  65. Mono cycle
  66. Four-wheel steering system
  67. Radio-control hovercraft
  68. Mini CNC plotter machine
  69. Mechanical bicycle
  70. Smart wheelchair
  71. Innovative foldable cycle
  72. Air hybrid tricycle
  73. Rowing boat
  74. Seed sowing mechanisms
  75. Low effort run cycle
  76. Motorized hydraulic jack
  77. Hydraulic arm
  78. Solar power bicycle
  79. Can crusher
  80. T-shirt folding machine
  81. Pedal power double hacksaw machine
  82. Semi-Automatic Punching machine
  83. Mechanical spider
  84. AATA spider
  85. Pedal-operated drilling machine
  86. Friction drive drilling
  87. Electromechanical jack
  88. Hydraulic pipe bender
  89. Magnetic separator
  90. Rope winding machine
  91. Industrial robot model
  92. Swinging electricity generator
  93. Non-conventional electricity generator
  94. Low-cost millet thresher machine
  95. Power generation by using railway track
  96. Hand tapper machine
  97. Mini crop ripper machine
  98. Automatic solar panel cleaning system
  99. Smart solar grass cutter using Arduino
  100. Gearless transmission
  101. Chainless bicycle mini project
  102. Brake failure indicator
  103. 90-degree steering mechanism
  104. Auto feed drill machine
  105. LPG gas installation kit for motorcycle
  106. Regenerative braking system
  107. Reverse gear in motorcycle
  108. 3-axis pneumatic modern trailer
  109. Automatic sprocket side stand retrieval
  110. Electromagnetic shock absorber
  111. Firefighting robot
  112. Steam engine
  113. Hydraulic bending machine
  114. Electricity generator by treadmill
  115. Wireless remote controlled floor cleaner
  116. Turbocharger for two-wheeler fitting
  117. Manual dust collecting floor cleaner
  118. Transfer rail control using PLC
  119. Material handling automobile project
  120. Border security robot
  121. 360 wheel rotating vehicle machine
  122. Pneumatic auto Gear shifter
  123. Auto roll punching machine
  124. Multiseed crusher
  125. Automatic rod cutting machine
  126. Oil-water separator
  127. CAV (Compressed air vehicle )
  128. Automatic bottle filling machine
  129. Electromagnetic engine
  130. Pneumatic drill machine with CNC
  131. Hybrid city commuter
  132. Electromagnetic clutch
  133. Internal grinding for lath attachment
  134. Horizontal vise
  135. Indexing head for gear cutting
  136. Steam power plant
  137. Ball-bearing test bench
  138. Mini metro rail project
  139. Natural fiber composite material
  140. Pneumatic crusher
  141. Hand operated continues concrete mixer
  142. Manual prorated multi-tasking robot
  143. Four-wheel steering car
  144. Hovercraft
  145. Table milling machine
  146. Pneumatic cup making machine
  147. Go-kart
  148. Reciprocating water pump
  149. Ramjet engine model
  150. Cutter machine
  151. Multipurpose sprinkler machine
  152. Hybrid transmission prototype
  153. Mini steel lathe machine
  154. Arc welding cart
  155. Free energy generator
  156. Mini lathe wood machine
  157. Electric car screw jack
  158. Steel bending machine
  159. Self-operating water pump for agriculture
  160. Coconut grate and squeeze machine
  161. Wood sanding machine
  162. Enhancement of solar heater (modern & efficient material)
  163. Gearbox assembly attachment with crane
  164. R.C. Quadcopter with camera and GPS
  165. Shoe polish machine
  166. Casting machine matrix
  167. Hydraulic robot
  168. Quick lifting jack with bevel gear arrangement
  169. High RPM machine
  170. Energy production through vehicular loading
  171. Rocker bogie mechanism
  172. Rear crash analysis
  173. Scrab culating for lathe machine
  174. Steam powerplant model
  175. Portable attachment for bed
  176. Chaff cutter machine
  177. Pedal operator potter wheel
  178. Water bike
  179. Solar powered hacksaw machine
  180. Motorcycle mover trolly
  181. Semi-auto Loyang cake machine
  182. Motor powered industrial forklift
  183. Snacks vending machine
  184. Extreme bed shaker
  185. Activated wake-up machine
  186. Voice-activated wake fire blaster
  187. Voice-activated bed shaker
  188. Engine-powered wrench
  189. Remote hose pipe controller
  190. A motorized car
  191. Start pulse jet
  192. Hover-bike
  193. A motorized drift car
  194. A 60mph mobility scooter
  195. Development of test rig for shock absorber endurance limit
  196. Increasing efficiency of IC engine by electrolysis process
  197. Analysis of Car Spoilers
  198. Design analysis and fabrication of brake system for the student formula race car
  199. Design analysis of suspension and system of student car
  200. Design and analysis of suspension and system of student car
  201. Design analysis and fabrication of chassis of student formula race car
  202. Analysis of vehicle air compression mounting bracket
  203. Sheet folding machine
  204. Rotary car parking system
  205. Pneumatic rod bending machine
  206. Pneumatic comparator
  207. Solar cooker
  208. Water pollutants cleaner
  209. Hydraulic floor crane
  210. Button operated hydraulic disc brake
  211. Valve pressure testing machine
  212. Magnetic shock absorber
  213. Hand operated cycle
  214. Pneumatic vice holder
  215. Wireless 360 degree rotating car
  216. Advance stair climbing trolley
  217. Bike lifting machine
  218. Solar inverter
  219. 360 degree rotating conveyer with up and down mechanism
  220. Android controlled pick and place robot mechanism
  221. Progressive press tool design and manufacturing
  222. Regeneration suspension system
  223. Universal steering
  224. Smart air cooler
  225. Efficient energy generator
  226. Power generation from ventilation
  227. Study and fabrication of jet wind turbine
  228. Mini CNC
  229. Aqua scrubber
  230. Pneumatic cycle
  231. Solar pump
  232. Pneumatic comparator
  233. Analysis of brake pads using different material
  234. Regenerative brake system
  235. Voice-based robotic arm vehicle
  236. Optimization of powder mixed EDM
  237. Solar cooker using evaporation
  238. Lift pump
  239. Design and analysis of the broach tool
  240. Darin wastewater cleaner
  241. Flapper wind turbine
  242. Smart bin compactor
  243. Gearbox tester
  244. Manufacturing of spring making machine
  245. Generation of electricity from ocean waves
  246. Kinetic energy recovery system from a motorcycle
  247. Power generation from speed-breaker
  248. Performance analysis of automobile suspension leaf spring
  249. Automatic sliding windows
  250. Worm gear jack for scissor lift
  251. Pipe inspection robot
  252. Model of multipurpose sheet metal processing machine
  253. Crank and lever reciprocating suspension leaf springs
  254. Automatic electric car jack system
  255. Waste management
  256. Fuel from plastic waste

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list of projects for mechanical engineering students