Movies for Mechanical Engineers

Yea let’s skip the boring introduction. Here’s the list –

Movies for Mechanical Engineers –

 1. Iron Man

Iron man

Yea, obviously, this was gonna be the first one! Tony Stark describes himself in 4 words – “Genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist”. It’s not late until he realises that his own weapon maker company- Stark Industries, is not put to anything good & so he decides to make a suit which would protect people & bring peace to the world. The way he works is quite inspirational & the suit, the music of mechanics, robots & his assistant-Jarvis really motivates to get out of the house & build something!

2. October Sky

recommended movies for mechanical engineers
Homer Hickam testing his rocket

October Sky is a movie based on a true story where a boy named Homer Hickam has a passion for rockets. Besides facing resistance from his father who wants his child to be a miner, he follows his passion for studying & building rockets & becomes a rocket engineer at NASA. A must watch movie looking for some inspiration!

3. The Martian

The astronaut on a roving vehicle with Spirit rover on the right side, on Mars

The Martian is a Sci-fi movie wherein a group of astronauts goes on Mars for research and conducting tests. The movie shows the physical & mental struggle of an astronaut Mark Watney who has been left behind by his crew, presuming him dead due to a storm. With minimum oxygen & food supply, he manages to live & returns to earth.

4. Interstellar

The astronauts collecting data from some planet.

Again a Sci-Fi but a thriller & mystery movie where an Ex-NASA pilot goes on multiple planets to check which planet can sustain life because Earth was slowly becoming unhabitable. The movie shows how gravity changes everything & is especially for space and physics enthusiasts. And the most badass dialogue in the history of Hollywood is a part of this.

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5. Ford vs Ferrari

ford vs ferrari - a movies for mechanical engineers
Christain Bale playing the race driver Ken Miles((left) & Matt Damon as Caroll Shelby on right.

“There’s a point at 7,000 RPMs where everything fades.
The machine becomes weightless. It disappears.
All that’s left, a body moving through space, and time.
At 7,000 RPM, that’s where you meet it. That’s where it waits for you”

The movie starts with the above opening line which immediately promises you an impending edge of the seat experience it is going to offer! Based on true events, the movie shows how a rivalry gets developed between Ford & Ferrari when Ferrari rejects the offer of getting merged with Ford and instead insults them by merging with Fiat. In order to take revenge, Ford Motors with help of Caroll Shelby (owner of Shelby American) and a hot-tempered British mechanic & racer Ken Miles, wins the 24 hours Le Mans 1966 and makes history!

6. Fast & Furious series

Dominic Torreto & Brian Conner during an action scene

There’s nobody who needs an intro for this! Dominic Toretto & other crew members take out the bad guys with their cars since part 1! You won’t learn how to make cars but yea, you’ll learn some good fancy slangs related to cars, parts, racing & you’d also enjoy all the action scenes!

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I’ll add more of them when I come across 😉

Till then, watch these & come here again to share the experience with us 😀