How do electric cars work ? | Tesla cars

January 4, 2019
how do electric cars work? working of tesla cars

Why are electric cars such a big deal ? Are they really better than today’s gasoline powered ones? Well, we’ll see.
Electric vehicles or EVs are getting popular day by day. Most of them know about electric cars by knowing Tesla Motors, one of the leading manufacturer of electric cars.
The 2018 Tesla Roadster goes from 0-100 km/hr in just eye-popping 1.9 seconds & its the fastest production car in the world! ?
Wondering how does that even happen ? Hah, welcome to the future, reader! The whole article is about to answer your questions.
So lets get going and know how do electric cars work ?

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Project – Design and Fabrication of Solenoid engine

November 25, 2020
solenoid engine - project for mechanical engineers

Here we bring yet another project for mechanical engineers – Design and Fabrication of solenoid engine.

What is Solenoid engine?

In simple words, a solenoid engine is a type of engine in which the pistons move back & forth on the principle of electro-magnetism, passing electricity through a coil(solenoid).

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ADXL335 Accelerometer Arduino tutorial with Calibration

November 1, 2020
adxl335 accelerometer arduino tutorial

So today in this article, we will see how to interface & measure acceleration & even plot graph of values with the help of an accelerometer ADXL335. So lets get on with our accelerometer Arduino tutorial.

Requirements –

  1. ADXL335 sensor OR ADXL345 sensor
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. 5 Male-Female connectors/jumpers
  4. A pizza to celebrate 😀
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How do Self-driving cars work ?

October 21, 2020

Self-driving cars and vehicles have been on the horizon for many years. Ever since the first sci-fi movies were introduced, people have dreamed of various inventions making it to the real world. Hover cars are still a dream, though it feels like they’re unlikely to ever find a place in our society. On the other hand, the concept of cars that drive themselves is very much a reality. Scientists and researchers are working around the clock to bring this innovative technology to the consumer market. In fact, we can see many instances of self-driving cars in action right now. Granted, a completely autonomous vehicle doesn’t exist, but there are plenty of cars that do include some aspects of self-driving.

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The Top 7 innovations of the Aviation technology

August 11, 2020
most modern and top innovations in the aviation technology

The concept of flying vehicles can be traced back to 16th century when Leonardo Da Vinci drew and designed the first helicopter in his notebook. Since then, man has only gazed into sky and wondered, how blissful would the experience be of flying freely like a bird! Until 2 bicycle mechanics worked their a** off & made this dream a reality.

It has been more than a century since the first airplane –  Flyer took off & flew at speed of just 11 kmph! In a span of 100+ years, the numbers and factors have got multiplied by factor of 1000’s! Check out the top 7 innovations of the aviation technology that have made today’s airplanes possible!

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Merlin Engine – The Mechanical hero of World War II

July 31, 2020
modern Rolls Royce Merlin engine

If you’ve ever watched a documentary about the Second World War or seen a classic film such as The Dambusters, you will be familiar with the Merlin engine’s throaty sound. Inspired by the R-engine that won the Scheider trophy Rolls Royce and then Packard further developed the engine. It was instrumental in winning the war and achieved legendary status among fans online with a physicaladdress and in the world of aviation engineering.

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The Greatest Automobile Innovations From the Past to the Present

July 9, 2020
greatest automotive innovations from the past to the present

As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, it will be exciting to see what the next 10 years will be like for the automotive industry. As we have speculated in our post ‘How Will the Auto Industry Change in the Next 10 Years?’ the next decade is likely to entail changes in consumer mobility behaviour, an increase in connectivity, more autonomous vehicles, greater demand for electric vehicles and slower vehicle unit sales. However, to understand where the auto industry is going, we must first take a look at some of the greatest automobile innovations from the past to the present day.

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Automobile industries have started using drones & here’s why

July 7, 2020
automobile industries have started using drones in their manufacturing plants

When people think of drones they think of aerial photography, remote sensing, and land surveys. But along with that many countries have incorporated drone surveillance into their defences. The airports and airline companies started drones for Unmanned Traffic Management(UTM) of the newly emerged UAVs and air-taxis quite a while ago. And now its the auto industry.

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