How do electric cars work ? | Tesla cars

January 4, 2019
how do electric cars work? working of tesla cars

Why are electric cars such a big deal ? Are they really better than today’s gasoline powered ones? Well, we’ll see.
Electric vehicles or EVs are getting popular day by day. Most of them know about electric cars by knowing Tesla Motors, one of the leading manufacturer of electric cars.
The 2018 Tesla Roadster goes from 0-100 km/hr in just eye-popping 1.9 seconds & its the fastest production car in the world!
Wondering how does that even happen? Hah, welcome to the future, reader! The whole article is about to answer your questions.
So lets get going and know how do electric cars work?

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How helicopters work, fly & turn (Animation) ?

July 5, 2016

Very few are lucky enough to take a ride in a Chopper & I am happy to be one of them ! Anyway, helicopters are indeed one of the most interesting machines from which I know so far. Subjects like flight mechanics & helicopter dynamics are not for weak hearted ones; they are seriously challenging to study ! Well keeping those complex calculations, equations & relations aside, lets at least know how helicopters work, fly & are steered ! more “How helicopters work, fly & turn (Animation) ?”

Types of Jet Engines (animations)!

January 22, 2016
types of jet engines compared

The first jet engine successfully flew in August, 1939.
Hans von Ohain of Germany was the designer of the first operational jet engine, though credit for the invention of the jet engine went to Great Britain’s Frank Whittle. Whittle, who registered a patent for the turbojet engine in 1930, received that recognition but did not perform a flight test until 1941.
Its been more than 75 years, there has been continuous development in jet engines & has a significant increase in their efficiency. There are many types of jet engines depending on their construction & power they can deliver. Todays jet engines are able to produce so much of thrust that airplanes could fly at speeds multiple times the speed of sound ! more “Types of Jet Engines (animations)!”

Should you consider getting dirt bike mods?

April 1, 2021
best dirt bike mods

Is it necessary to invest in a dirt bike mod?

There are numerous dirt bike mods that you can add to your bike. Whether you have a new bike or you just bought a second-hand one, mods can greatly improve your bike’s performance or looks. So if you’re in either of them or even if you are just a dirt bike or racing enthusiast, you should definitely go for modifications.

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How to get most and best out of your employees?

March 24, 2021
how to get most and best out of your employees

When your business specializes in engineering, mechanics or manufacturing, productivity can be essential. With targets to hit and processes to work through, it’s important that you get the best out of your employees.

From the processes you put in place to the support you provide your employees, your business could make big changes to how it works. This will help improve productivity and make sure your targets and goals are met.

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A short guide on Types of Off-Road tires

March 17, 2021
types of off road tires

Having the right set of tires for your car is important no matter what you are driving, but it becomes even more important if you often drive off-road as you will need tires which will be up to the task and be able to handle the difficult terrain. Critically, you need to be aware of the difference between 4×4, all-terrain and off-road tires so that you can find the right ones for your needs.

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Tips to increase Productivity and Efficiency of your Workplace

March 16, 2021
increase productivity and efficiency of your workplace

No matter what industry you work in – be that automotive, engineering or aviation – it’s important that you always ensure your factories and workplaces are up to date. This means far more than keeping on top of new technological advancements, as you also need to pay close consideration to certain factors such as employee safety. Failure to keep up to date could mean that you fall behind your competitors and lose a significant amount of money as a result.

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FULL tutorial on Multi section solid in CATIA V5

March 14, 2021
different coupling modes in multi section solid command in CATIA V5

Today, we will learn how to use the Multi section solid command in the Part Design module in CATIA V5. Although a single command, it has a lot of options in it called as – Coupling modes, which at times perplexes the user when and how to use which one. It can be used when a solid has to be generated and has multiple varying sections. Such solid can be generated using spines and guides as well to obtain the desired shape.

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How do Trucks deal with Aerodynamic drag?

March 4, 2021
how trucks deal with aerodynamic drag

Most people never think about the aerodynamic drag on trucks traveling at speed, but it’s one of the most important considerations for logistics companies. The majority of fuel doesn’t go into putting the vehicle into motion; it goes into keeping it there. You might know how mounting spoilers, vortex generators and diffusers on cars result in drag reduction but have you ever wondered how do trucks deal with aerodynamic drag?

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Starting an Engineering company? Take care of these 3 things

February 26, 2021
tips for starting engineering company

Have you been looking at starting an engineering company? Or, do you own an engineering company that is looking to take off and could benefit from a little bit of extra advice? If the answer is yes, then you are exactly who this post is for because in this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the simple things that can be done in order to run a successful engineering company. Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

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