How Robotics is benefitting and changing the whole world

February 5, 2021
robotics is changing the world pdf

The world is moving in mysterious ways, and many of us struggle to keep up with the advances in technology that appear every single year. From the 50s when the first TVs hit homes to modern day where we have a whole computer in our pockets – technology is changing and evolving at an exponential rate and will continue to do so in the future. One form of technology that is currently being explored in depth is Robotics and Artificial Intelligence(AI). From robots used in factories to more advanced AI, there are so many interesting and important applications robotics can have in our world.

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What are Press brakes? | Types and Applications

December 5, 2020
press brakes - working, types

Press brakes are widely used in the world of metalworking, and like any kind of heavy duty machinery deployed in various manufacturing contexts, there are lots of interesting facts and figures relating to them which are worth knowing about.

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4 Simple tips to grow into a successful Engineering firm

December 2, 2020
tips to grow into a successful engineering firm

There are very few aspects of modern life that aren’t directly tied to technological innovation. Technology is at the heart of almost every aspect of the modern world and being willing to embrace it is something that practically every person has to come to terms with. This is especially true for any business. Regardless of the industry that you’re working within, digital and engineering technologies are always moving forward and innovating and it’s essential that you are willing to keep up. This can be something of a challenge but it’s a challenge that you’ve got to be willing to meet if you want to run a business that can truly succeed in the modern world. With that in mind, here are some just of the benefits of being willing and able to take advantage of tech innovations. Implement these 4 simple tips to grow into a successful engineering firm or any business/company.

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Project – Design and Fabrication of Solenoid engine

November 25, 2020
solenoid engine - project for mechanical engineers

Here we bring yet another project for mechanical engineers – Design and Fabrication of solenoid engine.

What is Solenoid engine?

In simple words, a solenoid engine is a type of engine in which the pistons move back & forth on the principle of electro-magnetism, passing electricity through a coil(solenoid).

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ADXL335 Accelerometer Arduino tutorial with Calibration

November 1, 2020
adxl335 accelerometer arduino tutorial

So today in this article, we will see how to interface & measure acceleration & even plot graph of values with the help of an accelerometer ADXL335. So lets get on with our accelerometer Arduino tutorial.

Requirements –

  1. ADXL335 sensor OR ADXL345 sensor
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. 5 Male-Female connectors/jumpers
  4. A pizza to celebrate 😀
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How do Self-driving cars work ?

October 21, 2020

Self-driving cars and vehicles have been on the horizon for many years. Ever since the first sci-fi movies were introduced, people have dreamed of various inventions making it to the real world. Hover cars are still a dream, though it feels like they’re unlikely to ever find a place in our society. On the other hand, the concept of cars that drive themselves is very much a reality. Scientists and researchers are working around the clock to bring this innovative technology to the consumer market. In fact, we can see many instances of self-driving cars in action right now. Granted, a completely autonomous vehicle doesn’t exist, but there are plenty of cars that do include some aspects of self-driving.

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The Top 7 innovations of the Aviation technology

August 11, 2020
most modern and top innovations in the aviation technology

The concept of flying vehicles can be traced back to 16th century when Leonardo Da Vinci drew and designed the first helicopter in his notebook. Since then, man has only gazed into sky and wondered, how blissful would the experience be of flying freely like a bird! Until 2 bicycle mechanics worked their a** off & made this dream a reality.

It has been more than a century since the first airplane –  Flyer took off & flew at speed of just 11 kmph! In a span of 100+ years, the numbers and factors have got multiplied by factor of 1000’s! Check out the top 7 innovations of the aviation technology that have made today’s airplanes possible!

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