Games for Mechanical Engineers

Best games for mechanical engineers 2018
Best games for mechanical engineers

hey..lloo ! I’m Jay & this section is gonna be my favorite section on this blog. Ask why ? cuz GAMES !
Who in the world doesn’t like to play games ! If there’s anybody out there who doesn’t, that person S-U-C-K-S !
Alright, so you probably know what this section is about but still what’s the use of introductory para if I don’t introduce you to it 😛
So this page is all about games, especially games for mechanical engineers & if you are one of them, you are lucky because this page is for YOU !


Here’s the list of games I’ve played & they’re so so amazing I can barely contain myself !

Games for Mechanical Engineers –

1. Bad Piggies

one of the games for mechanical engineers
An aeroplane made from aerofoils, engines & wheels in Bad Piggies !

This is one of my favorite games. It’s the opposite of Angry birds here, you are on the pigs side & you need to loot the eggs of birds. So you need to go from Point A to Point B with the help of tools & equipments given. Your inventory consists of wooden & steel building blocks, wheels, ropes, motors, engines, aerofoil, springs, parachutes, propellers, TNTs & lots of other things. Make a vehicle out of these things provided to you & get the eggs ! Each level has 3 stars; it’s very easy to get 2 but the real game is getting 3/3 ! I’ve played this game twice & I would suggest you to play it at least once…

2. Leo’s Fortune

Unlocking ratchet mechanism in Leo's fortune
Unlocking a ratchet mechanism.

Leo’s fortune is a adventure game with the most stunning graphics I’ve ever seen ! It has an incredible storyline & has just 20 levels. Despite low number of levels, some of them require great timing & skill to complete. The game has got many machines, gear, ratchet & other mechanisms in the background as well as you as a player get a chance to be a part of those mechanisms & operate them. Overall game is just really superb & a must play. I bet it won’t disappoint you !

3. Cogs

Powering a copter in Cogs
Powering a copter in Cogs

Cogs is a groundbreaking 3D sliding tile puzzle game consisting of machines. The complexity of machines in the game goes on increasing as complete more & more levels. The first level is just a simple geartrain followed by mechanical toys, kicking gears for alarms, podcopters, flying discs & even rockets ! If you are a hardcore fan of puzzle games & also a mechanical enthusiast then what are you waiting for ? Go play it… after completing the list 😛

4. The Room series(1,2,3)

best puzzle & mechanical games for engineers
An inside view while unlocking a multi-levered lock in The Room 3

The Room is 3D puzzle game with a mysterious story. As you start the game, you’re in a room first with a letter to leads you further to solve puzzles ! The game is more of a puzzle, but there’s more when you start playing it. You get to see different types of locks & their mechanisms, bevel gear arrangements, pumps & also includes where you get too operate telescopes, lathe machines, oscilloscope & numerous other machines. Also you get to build things like clocks, typewriters and make keys by forging to unlock chests & locks. So if you like puzzle games too, you can have it or else you could go it for later !

The above ones are my favorite ones related to mechanisms but then there are other game too like Need for Speed, F18 Carrier landing, Flight simulator etc. for enthusiasts ! I’ll update the list when I find more games like this 😉

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Till then, enjoy this & make sure you let me know how was your experience after playing in the comment section below 😀