How can a Formula 1 race car could be driven upside down ?

Woah… this shit is real !
Let’s see how is this possible.

Ever wondered what is that blade type thing at the back of sports car ? Well, it isn’t just for show. NFS gamers- now is the time to brag that you know, they are called SPOILERS !

A branch of mechanics which studies the flow of fluids & their interaction with bodies. Now this thing helps a lot in making cars, bikes, bridges & what not. Proper shapes & designs matter a lot. So if you are up to something big in your life related to engineering & if u just let go aerodynamic shape, this could be disastrous !

formula 1

Flow of air over Formula 1 !

But why do we need spoiler ?
Making a lighter car would slide away easily & making a heavy car would just slow down them. So we need greater amount of weight as it increases its speed. So here comes the spoiler.


A sports car having a spoiler. (source:

Those spoilers at the rear end help the car to push it downwards. This push is called as downforce. More the downforce, more grip of the car on road. More grip gives better handling & performance. The downforce will be greater when the vehicle moves faster & will be lesser during slow speed. Sounds perfect, right ?

So lets come back to Formula 1 race cars. They are so light that they are barely of 1000 kg ! So they need more downforce during the ride. Not only the spoilers, every part of it is designed to be aerodynamic & contribute downforce. Together they produce so much downforce that a Formula 1 could even travel upside down in a tunnel.
In other words, The downforce would be greater than the weight of car which will lead to the sticking of car upside defying gravity.


FBD of Formula 1 when it will be upside down in a tunnel. (source:

A Formula 1 race car would be at least needing a speed of 100 mph(160 kph) to drive upside down (some of the sources say speed required is 150-175 mph). But why only a Formula 1 race car ? The answer is – our daily used or normal cars weigh a lot more than this & also they would be needing a lot more downforce than the one’s produced by these cars, which is impossible to do by keeping the same design.

Now please do me a favour & stop expecting a video link from me to watch a real Formula 1 car been driven upside down. Well I am sorry for that… because this is not been tested yet practically, ahh… but yea fluid mechanics expert have proved it with the help of their very best friend – Mr. Mathematics !

So if you wanna watch a video or I’ll say – TRY OUT IT, all you need is a Formula 1 race car, a cylindrical tunnel & some real guts to do it ! 😛

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