iXOOST – The car exhaust audio system !

The whole world is fascinated by Italian super-sports & hyper cars. Italy would now be also known for – (curtains up)iXOOST ! Okayyy, brace yourselves, you’re going to see something which you’ve never imagined of ! iXOOST – The car exhaust audio system is a unique docking station made from old
car exhausts & Formula 1 exhaust pipes !

About iXOOST :-

iXOOST is an Italian company which also belongs to Modena. Wait, does it ring any bells ? – The same city where the factories of super sports car makers – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani & Maserati are/were located here(except Lamborghini which have their headquarters nearby). And so Modena is also called the “capital of engines” !
iXOOST'S dock station made from F1's exhausts !
iXOOST is created by Matteo Panini-who feels a deep respect & admiration for old cars and things from Modena & Mirco Pecorari-who comes from the world of aviation !

Our senses are also unique, just as our own soundtracks are:
ourfavourite songs and all the things that bring back strong emotions,just like a Formula 1 Grand Prix.
Sight, hearing and touch are all extremes of a world which may be found today in our dock station.
And so we have risen to the impossible challenge of combining mechanics and sound.

says iXOOST.

Indeed the sound of finely tuned engine of a sports car & a Formula 1 are inimitable. Everyone can hear it’s sound, everyone sees it but only a real passionate person would FEEL !!!

About iXOOST – The car exhaust audio system :-

The audio systems or the dock stations are hand made in Modena. You may configure your dock station & even customize it & get it delivered right to your door 😉 !
The “orchestra of sound & mechanics” comes in 3 distinct forms –
3. iXOOST Radial6
Lets get to the handmade masterpieces made by extremely passionate people made with extreme technical precision !


Made from the genuine F1 exhaust, the OTTO immediately catches your attention. They are differentiated & available according to number of cylinders – V8, V10 & V12 ! It has 4 speakers, 1 extended ranged speaker & 1 subwoofer ! Price:- € 6500

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The XiLO consists a monocoque chassis in aluminium & wood(the base). The origin of the word – “XiLO” comes from the Greek word-xylon, which means ‘forest’.
The XiLO has 3 speakers + 2 subwoofers facing in the front side plus the coaxial sub-woofer facing down side. The coaxial subwoofer is for obtaining deep & precise bass sounds, says iXOOST. It weighs about 18 kg.  Price:- € 5000

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iXOOST Radial6 :-

This perhaps is more interesting. The tailpipes of supercars weren’t just enough, so Mirco Pecorari who is inspired by the world of planes decides to make another dock inspired by the design of Radial engines.
The supporting blade which raises the block & the nose of dock is carved out of a solid block. iXOOST wanted to make it so perfect that the blade closes perfectly with the nose cone and the crankcase of the back woofer to imitate a real plane engine. Price:- € 8000

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Know more about :- Radial engines-History, Parts, working, prod & cons !
For buying, visit iXOOST’s store
For more detailed specifications about each one, visit iXOOST’s  website

OTTO & Radial6 are audio systems for iPad & iPhone while the XiLO has wireless connectivity available with any smartphone. XiLO is equipped with bluetooth technology & even with AUX connectivity.
The perfections & detailing of every model clearly tells us about how passionate they are ! I would really love to meet them & have a chat if I ever get a chance 😀 !

I would also love to buy one of them but… IN FUTURE !(because probably my parents would kick my butt if I ask them to buy me one)
It is a perfect gift to a passionate mechanical engineer ! So lets just dream about it(coz it doesn’t cost), & which soundtrack would you love to play first on it ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below ! I’m waiting…

Source & all media credits :- iXOOST !

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