Movies for Mechanical Engineers

Yea, lets skip the boring introduction. Here’s the list –

Movies for Mechanical Engineers –

 1. Iron Man

Iron man

Yea, obviously, this was gonna be the first one ! Tony Stark describes himself in 4 words – “Genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist”. It’s not late until he realises that his own weapon maker company- Stark Industries, is not put to anything good & so he decides to make a suit which would protect people & bring peace to the world. The way he works is quite inspirational & the suit, the music of mechanics, robots & his assistant-Jarvis really motivates to get out of house & build something !

2. October Sky

recommended movies for mechanical engineers
Homer Hickam testing his rocket

October Sky is movie based on a true story where a boy named Homer Hickam has a passion for rockets. Besides facing resistance from his father who wants his child to be a miner, he follows his passion of studying & building rockets & becomes a rocket engineer in NASA. A must watch movie looking for some inspiration !

3. The Martian

The astronaut on roving vehicle with Spirit rover on right side, on Mars

The Martian is a Sci-fi movie wherein a group of astronauts goes on Mars for research and conducting tests. The movie shows the physical & mental struggle of an astronaut Mark Watney who has been left behind by his crew , presuming him dead due to a storm. With minimum oxygen & food supply he manages to live & returns to earth.

4. Interstellar

The astronauts collecting data from some planet.

Again a Sci-Fi but a thriller & mystery movie where an Ex-NASA pilot goes on multiple planets to check which planet can sustain life because Earth was slowly becoming unhabitable. The movie shows how gravity changes everything & is specially for space and physics enthusiasts. And the most badass dialogue in the history of Hollywood is a part of this.

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5. Fast & Furious series

Dominic Torreto & Brian Conner during an action scene

There’s nobody who needs an intro for this ! Dominic Toretto & other crew members take out the bad guys with their cars since part 1 ! You won’t learn how to make cars but yea, you’ll learn some good fancy slangs related to cars, parts,  racing & you’d also enjoy all the action scenes !

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I’ll add more of them when I come across 😉

Till then, watch these & come here again to share the experience with us 😀