How to make obstacle avoiding robot using Arduino & Ultrasonic sensor ?

So you wanna build a robot which never hits anything; you’ve come to the right place ! It barely takes 15 minutes to do this ! So without wasting our time let’s learn how to make an obstacle avoiding robot !

Requirements :-

  1. Chassis OR any toy car.
  2. Arduino UNO/Mega.
  3. Ultrasonic sensor HC SR-04.
  4. 2 DC motors.
  5. 9V/12V 1A battery.
  6. Motor driver module L298.
  7. Jumpers.
  8. Single stranded wires.
  9. A pizza slice & a can of beer to celebrate ūüėČ

Procedure :-

So yes, I’m going to divide the whole making into 4 parts –

Connections of Ultrasonic sensor    →    Connections of L298N    →    Code    →    Testing

If you haven’t used or experimented before with the ultrasonic sensor, I would suggest you to get familiar with it first ! I have a detail tutorial on ultrasonic sensor HC SR-04 which will guide you throughout !

Here is detailed Tutorial on Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 

 Connections :-

Connections for Obstacle avoiding robot

Connections for Obstacle avoiding robot

Connections of Ultrasonic sensor –

  1. VCC – VCC terminal of Arduino.
  2. GND РGND terminal of Arduino.
  3. Trigpin Рdigital pin 9 on Arduino.
  4. Echo pin –¬†digital pin 10 on¬†Arduino.

Connections of L298N –

  1.  +12V РPositive terminal of the battery.
  2. GND Рa)GND of Arduino   b)Negative terminal of battery.
  3. Input terminal 1 – Pin 4
  4. Input terminal 2 –¬†Pin 5
  5. Input terminal 3 –¬†Pin 6
  6. Input terminal 4 –¬†Pin 7
  7. Output terminal 1 – Positive of first motor.
  8. Output terminal 2 –¬†Negative of first motor.
  9. Output terminal 3 –¬†Positive of second motor.
  10. Output terminal 4 – Negative of second motor.

Coding :-

You may like –

Control LEDs with help of Android (in 5 mins)


Control LEDs with Voice commands (in 5 mins)

Testing :-

If the distance detected by the ultrasonic sensor is less than 25cm, then the bot will take a turn else, it will keep moving straight ! Simple… right ?

Well, here is a video tutorial which will make your job more easy !

Do I need to say this, NO… but anyway I will,

If you have any problem regarding connections or coding or during interfacing, all you have to do is comment down below OR contact me ūüôā I’ll very happy to help you

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