The Top 10 Biggest Machines in the World !

LHC - biggest machines out of top 10

We Humans, being a couple of feet high, weighing barely a quintal are capable of making & building things million times bigger & heavier than us & we have proved it. Hats off to those engineers who have built them ! So lets have a look at the top 10…


Crawler – The Rocket Transporter !

Crawler transporting Discovery spacecraft to launchpad.

Human being started using animals to carry load when it exceeded his carrying capacity. Then he started building machines to carry even more load & to transport faster. Today huge trucks carry massive amounts of load & the best example is the biggest truck in the world – The BelAZ…


How do ships float ?

Thinking or wanna walk on water ? – really bad idea. Why cant we walk on water ? Why does not everything float ? Why doesn’t a stone or any other thing float even if they are are very small ? & HOW DO SHIPS FLOAT BEING SO HEAVY ? I bet…