How to control LEDs with TV remote – Arduino

Control LED with IR remote

Today I’m going to show you how to control any device with an Infrared remote(TV,DVD,AC etc.) and with the help of Arduino board. So lets get started. Things you’ll need :- Infrared receiver (I’m using one from the TSOP 17** series) Arduino board. Breadboard. Couple of jumpers/single stranded wires. A…


Cubli – A robot which jumps, balances and walks on his own !

Cubli :- A combination of two words, Cube – an English word & li- an Swiss German diminutive word meaning ”small”. Researchers from the ETH Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control have developed the Cubli, a 15x15x15 cm device that can walk, jump, and balance itself on its edge or…