How do missiles work ? | Targeting, Guidance & Propulsion

working of missiles

Missiles – pretty cool uhh.. but what makes them so cool ? Well, the best thing is you could launch a weapon thousands of miles away. This leaves no reason why the military of every nation won’t keenly research on it. Missiles :- The word missile comes from the Latin…


How do Gas turbines/Jet propulsion engines work ?

Jet engines – Woah… very very powerful ! The power jet engines deliver is so high that an airplane weighing hundreds of tons lifts off the ground with such ease. How are they capable of producing so much of power/thrust ? So lets not waste our time & have a…


Boeing’s new laser powered fusion-fission jet engine

Get ready, for this highly UNREALISTIC jet engine… Boeing has received a patent, US 9068562, which combines inertial confinement fusion, fission, and a turbine that generates electricity. Currently this kind of engine is completely unrealistic given our mastery of fusion. But perhaps in future this might be an excellent idea.  …