How do electric cars work ? | Tesla cars

January 4, 2019
how do electric cars work? working of tesla cars

Why are electric cars such a big deal ? Are they really better than today’s gasoline powered ones? Well, we’ll see.
Electric vehicles or EVs are getting popular day by day. Most of them know about electric cars by knowing Tesla Motors, one of the leading manufacturer of electric cars.
The 2018 Tesla Roadster goes from 0-100 km/hr in just eye-popping 1.9 seconds & its the fastest production car in the world! ?
Wondering how does that even happen ? Hah, welcome to the future, reader! The whole article is about to answer your questions.
So lets get going and know how do electric cars work ?

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How automatic transmissions work? |Epicyclic geartrain

October 20, 2019

Automatic this, automatic that.. this is the era of automatic! Everyone wants everything automatic. Why? Because we are lazy! And if “Need is the mother of inventions”, then “Laziness is the father of inventions!” Coming to our topic, Automatic transmissions. Yes, who doesn’t want it? Because they are smoother, faster & super-easy.
So today we will be learning how automatic transmissions work and everything else you need to know about them!

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How Robotics have changed the manufacturing industry ?

October 2, 2019
how robots have changed the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing, at a base level, is all about using your hands to make and build things. Until relatively recently, this was seen as something that only human beings were capable of but ever since the 1960s, when industrial manufacturing robots first joined the General Motors workforce, there has been a slow  march towards a robot future for the manufacturing industry.

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Top 3 easy car washing tips and tricks

September 18, 2019
car washing tips and tricks

The basic car maintenance routine that one should do regularly is to clean it. Cleaning your vehicle should be a daily chore so that you can keep up with the dirt and grime that quickly accumulates. You may also hire someone to clean it, or visit a car garage for thorough cleaning. Knowing some car washing tips will make the chore even easier.

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How to use motor driver L298N – Arduino tutorial

August 4, 2019
motor driver L298N tutorial

Hellloooo people, today we’ll be seeing what is a motor driver module, how to use it and where to use it – its connections and coding. So without wasting time, let’s directly jump to our motor driver L298N Arduino tutorial.

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DIY Car maintenance tips that will save you money

July 28, 2019
Tips to save money on your car maintenance

Your car is like your little baby. You’ve probably paid quite a bit of money for it, and would like to be able to enjoy for many years to come. To ensure that it happens, you should be very serious about regular maintenance, and follow the helpful tips you can find on My Car Needs This. Now, while some maintenance tasks are better left for the experts, some are quite easy to do on your own. So here are a few of the many car maintenance tips that will save you money & in time, a fortune.

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6 Important tips for your DIY projects

May 27, 2019

Designing your own furniture, repairing broken items & your own vehicles is a fun way to spend your evenings and weekends. Doing little home projects by yourself will give you great satisfaction when you see the final product. DIY projects have many benefits, such as saving on costs, building your skill set, and spending time doing something productive. You will not need to hire repair services when something is broken in your home or buy high priced items like furniture because you will already know to do the tasks! Such skills can take time to perfect, so you should not get discouraged when your result is not as planned. Also, there are some things you need to know and tips for your DIY projects –

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How multi plate clutch work? | Application & diagram

May 21, 2019

In my previous article, we learned about Single plate clutches, their working and applications.
Multi plate clutches are the most widely used amongst all the other clutches. And so today we will learn how multi plate clutch work, their advantages, disadvantages and their applications.

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